Responsible Gambling

As explained in casino guides, gambling can be a source of addiction for some players. The online casino companies have therefore decided to introduce responsible gambling, which allows them to make the players more serious as a whole. But what is responsible gambling? What are the rules involved? Are there any support services available? All the information about responsible gambling is detailed below.

What Is Responsible Gambling?

An acronym, which means a lot of things to gamblers. However, responsible gambling is characterized by a genuine concern for the well-being of all players. Whether you are an occasional or regular player, it is important to keep this commitment in mind. The main goal of responsible gambling is to avoid any addictions associated with particular players. An addiction can mean the unhappiness of a player and therefore a failure of the main mission of an online casino that wants to be associated with a relaxation service. Casinos need to set limits to prevent excessive behavior. These abuses are generally limited by rules applied to the entire online casino industry.

What Are The Rules For Responsible Gambling At Online Casinos?

In order to avoid any problems related to addiction as well as the overall non-responsibility of online casinos, the industry has pledged to follow certain commandments. Here are the measures proposed and taken by the online casino industry:

  • The prohibition of gambling for minors: according to the legislation in force in the countries concerned, minors are not allowed to play in online casinos. Gambling is considered to be addictive and therefore cannot be offered to people who have not reached the legal age of majority.
  • Identity verification: This is necessary to verify your eligibility to play online casino games. You will be denied entry if you have opted out voluntarily or if you have been involuntarily excluded. This feature helps to limit online gambling abuse.
  • Support for vulnerable players: Vulnerable players cannot be excluded from online stores under any circumstances. However, their play must be monitored to avoid any problems related to a prior disability or inability to make decisions.
  • Verification of payment methods: In order to further secure your personal and banking data, online casinos can verify the payment methods that you intend to use. This verification guarantees secondary protection of the players, allowing for even more security online.

These criteria characterize the commandments that online casino brands give themselves in order to provide the most respectful game and in accordance with the physiognomy of the players.

Is It Possible To Prohibit Yourself From Playing Online Or Offline?

It is also possible for any player to ban themselves from an online or even land-based casino. This ban can be a temporary self-exclusion or a permanent ban from all gambling. It is also possible for players to place a “limit” on their play. This limit can be periods of time when players do not allow themselves to play. It is up to each player to choose to not play at the online casino. Be sure to ask about this ban. It is possible that if a lifetime ban is imposed, it will become permanent.

Responsible Gambling And Related Support Services

In order to avoid any drifts and addictions of the players, there are many associated help services allowing general prevention of the online casino players. But what are these services? What do they offer? Here they are:

  1. Emergency numbers: there are many emergency numbers that you can contact in order to benefit from a personalized follow-up and prevention. Once this follow-up is done, the emergency services will be able to put you in touch with a person who is able to respond to your problem.
  2. Specialized doctors: these doctors are generally oriented to the addiction sector and offer solutions that may or may not include medication. This can help reduce your addiction. It is up to you to find out if these doctors are available and if they can treat you.
  3. Online gambling addiction associations: these state associations allow gamblers who are addicted to online gambling to be monitored by real organizations that ensure the monitoring and protection of the latter.
  4. Online casinos: these also have their own associated monitoring services. After all, they are the ones providing the online games. They are generally responsible and will not hesitate to refer you to a dedicated organization if you request it directly.

So players in need will never be left to their own devices. Simply contact one of the following organizations for personalized attention.

Faq And Comments On Responsible Gambling

How to find a responsible casino?

Online casinos usually display a small banner indicating their commitment to players. This commitment ensures the most responsible online gambling possible. Do a Google search and look for this banner within the online casino of your choice.

Why do online casinos enforce responsible gambling?

Online casinos have to offer responsible gambling to ensure the healthiest and most entertaining game possible. The principle of online casinos is to entertain. This principle should not be altered by a lack of social investment by online retailers.

Do all online casinos practice responsible gambling?

No, indeed, not all online casinos practice responsible gambling. It is worth checking the participation of each online casino brand in this attraction.

Can I restrict my deposits within the online casino?

Of course you can! In order to avoid addiction, it is possible to restrict your deposits by choosing to set a deposit limit.